Be Principled

“Your principals can not be extinguished unless you snuff out the thoughts that feed them, for its continually in your power to ignite new ones….It’s possible to start living again! See things anew as you once did-that is how to restart life!”

-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7.2

It is hard for others to force the right principles upon you. You must force principals upon yourself, and your thoughts must be in line with what you choose to embody.

Think back to a time in your life when you were extraordinarily happy. Place yourself back in those shoes.What were your thoughts and actions like? Did you have something particular going on at the time that occupied a good portion of your time? Or maybe you felt as if you finally had time throughout your day to just relax, and be able to focus on what you most enjoy.

Whatever made you happy at that particular time, try to regain it in some fashion. Don’t try to replicate it. You were at a very different time and place. Why try and grow the same seeds in a different environment?

It is now the time to make meaningful change in your life. For you have the power and ability to control your destiny, don’t wait for change to occur. It will, just in a form that is not flattering or in your best interest. You have to go out and make the life you so desire. Having good rigid principals and habits to support them will serve as a catalyst for getting where you want to go.

No matter the circumstances of your life, you always have the ability to change the way you think about things and your consistent actions. We all know how powerful a strong desire paired with habitual execution can be. Act on it. 

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