Allow Purpose To Guide You

“Frame your thoughts like this-you are an old person, you won’t let yourself be enslaved by this any longer, no longer pulled like a puppet by every impulse, and you’ll stop complaining about your present fortune or dreading the future.”
-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 2.2

It is important to have a purpose and know why you are doing something. Having that knowledge helps you make decisions on what to do. That way when you are in the process of the doing you will not question yourself or be easily tempted by petty externalities. Because when it comes time to do the work being fully present and delving into whatever it is will always serve the work best, and ultimately yourself.

A wise human knows complaining about his or her current situation or the future is deeply childish. Not only childish but unpractical. You are in your situation because of everything you have thought or encountered and reacted to along the way has put you there. Complaining about the future is even worse. Your complaining about an unknown environment that ultimately you have a large part in crafting. You should be optimistic and always keep doing work to set yourself up for an opportunity down the road. Take full advantage of all your upcoming choices as they will guide your future. Be grateful you have the ability to make these choices and never forget how easily it could be someone else in your shoes.

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