Focus On The Changeable

“When I see an anxious person, I ask myself, what do they want? For if a person wasn’t wanting something outside of their own control, why would they be stricken by anxiety?”
-Epictetus, Discourses, 2.13.1

Don’t put the burden of what you cannot control on your shoulders. Don’t make life harder for you and the people around you based on a misconception you tell yourself.

Here’s what you can and should control:

• The physical condition of your body (which we both know is key to peak brain performance).

• Connective tissue in your brain via neuroplasticity. Most of the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur or to master any skill are just exercising your brain enough so you can grow that connective tissue and use more of it. It takes time, work, and repetition. You have to really want it.
o Darren Hardy likens the concept of mastery to forging metal. It is a long, ruthless, and tough process that requires discipline and the ability to put yourself in the fire multiple times. Everyone should check out Darren’s awesome free daily mentoring program. You can subscribe by clicking this link:

• Financial circumstances. Lack of money is not an excuse. It’s a hurdle. Lately, I’ve listened to multiple people say a lack of money is one of the biggest advantages you can have in life. It forces you to be creative and actually build something as almost a test so you then have the momentum and confidence to carry on to bigger and better things.

• Mindset.

• The way you react to anything. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” start becoming aware of every reaction and get good in situations you are not yet good in. If you’re not comfortable asking strangers a question, force yourself to ask one a stranger a question that day. Or if you’re not good at asking strangers for something, go to a coffee shop and randomly ask for a discount. Again, put yourself in the fire time and time again because when you want to effectively use those skills you actually can. We never rise to the level of our expectations we fall to the level of our training.

• The amount of white space you have during your day and what you can do during that time. White space is the time alone away from distraction where innovation is prone to happen if you make it happen. This time is so valuable and most people who don’t get ahead often fill this time with activities such as watching television or diving down the endless rabbit hole that is social media. Take advantage of the alone as it can be extremely valuable.

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