Complain Less, Do More.

“You cry, I’m suffering severe pain! Are you then relieved from feeling it, if you bear it in an unmanly way?”

-Seneca, Moral Letters, 78.17

If you complain about something today, did you really make any change?

Stop complaining in a non-impactful way. Let your work do the talking.

The best and most desirable way to complain is through works you create. Stop bitching to your coworkers and start enlightening them with some real substantive work.

Almost any creation worth noting has some purpose behind it. Find yours and let the creating begin.

I complain all the time on this blog, you just don’t notice because I do it in a useful manner. For instance, here I am complaining about complainers, but I’m also shedding insight so one can more effectively complain and better get their message out to the world.

Keep observing the world around you and curating knowledgeable and strong opinions. But start letting your work do the talking. That way you can better impact more people and have more productive conversations.

Complain less, do more.

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