Don’t Play The Blame Game

“Our soul is sometimes a king, and sometimes a tyrant. A king, by attending to what is honorable, protects the good health of the body in its care, and gives it no base or sordid command. But an uncontrolled, desire-fueled, over-indulged soul is turned from a king that most feared and detested thing- a tyrant.”
-Seneca, Moral Letters, 114.24

A proper leader must take 100% responsibility for his or her own actions and the actions of those lower in the chain of command. Today’s tyrant is not murdering those who step out of line to fulfill their own uncontrolled soul(hopefully), but someone who plays the blame game so they don’t take an ego hit. If you’re a tried and true leader you never play the blame game. Nothing gets solved that way and your people will start to turn on you. Recognizing someone’s faults and helping them so their misstep doesn’t get replicated is important. But having that person fully bear the responsibility is weak of a leader. Even when an action executed by someone below you is completely the problem, you as the leader must own it as it directly affects your organization. It’s so easy for your ego to get in the way. Taking the reins and controlling your ego so it doesn’t control you will serve you best every time.

People love to blame others to relieve themselves of responsibility. But when you’re the leader of an organization no one is off the hook. You play the blame game and your organization suffers. But if you own every single problem as if you made the mistake, your results will drastically trend positively.

This concept of taking 100% ownership does not just apply to leaders of an organization. Take control of your own life by not blaming anyone. Just own it so you can solve it and keep growing. Blaming others stalls your own growth. Think about that.

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