Perception Can Be Freedom

“Keep constant guard over your perceptions, for it is no small thing you are protecting, but your respect, trustworthiness and steadiness, peace of mind, freedom from pain and fear, in a word your freedom. For what would you sell these things?”
-Epictetus, Discourses, 4.3.6b-8

Two people are presented with the same opportunity and one decides to explore the opportunity and the other makes quick judgments and doesn’t explore it. Who knows what the second person could have missed out on. Why not even look into it? So much of what we see from the outside is much different when we start peeling the layers back.

People are always asking those who have executed on great ideas how they actually come up with the ideas in the first place. It all starts with how you perceive the world around you. One can think about virtual reality in a three-year window and easily conclude it is going to change the way we play video games and watch movies. But a lot of people already know that. You have to ask yourself much deeper questions like…How is VR going to change the way humans conduct day to day business in twenty years? How are VR experiences going to be distributed to people? How is VR going to fundamentally change the way humans go about their day? Then try and fill in the difference gaps from today’s standards with your own creative thoughts. This is just one example. The point I’m making is those who have sincerely interesting ideas often question so much of what they observe and they don’t settle for the obvious. They are constantly imagining the future and what it will be like…or could be like.

Perception is powerful. Perception can be constantly altered for better or worse. Perception can create a great opportunity or squander it. And certainly, perception is freedom…or not. Perceive clearly with deep interest and curiosity.

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