Start Winning For Yourself

“Whenever you get the impression of some pleasure, as with any impression, guard yourself from being carried away by it, let it await your action, give yourself a pause. After that, bring to mind both times, first when you have enjoyed the pleasure and later when you will regret it and hate yourself. Then compare to those the joy and satisfaction you’d feel for abstaining altogether. However, if a seemingly appropriate time arises to act on it, don’t be overcome by its, pleasantness, and allure-but against all of this, how much better the consciousness of conquering it.”
-Epictetus, Enchiridion, 34

Start winning for yourself.

Having the self-control to abstain from that habit you so much know you need to stop is a huge win. Every temptation that creeps into your mind is overcome by a long-term vision of bigger purpose. Allowing yourself to take the action and eliminate the roadblocks on your way to fulfilling that bigger purpose automatically fills you with strong momentum. Once you’ve won enough times it is hard to imagine losing. Then no one can stop you. Not even yourself.

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