Focus On Intelligence

“For to be wise is only one thing-to fix our attention on our intelligence, which guides all things everywhere.”

-Heraclitus, The Eminent Philosophers, 9.1

It takes focus to get somewhere you want to go. You need a north star. Going through life with vague direction is seemingly a fine idea until you are lost somewhere down the road. At that point, you have wasted so much time and now it seems like everyone is so much farther ahead and cognitively it is just too much!!! Don’t be that person.

For if you have that north star, when you do get lost it will be scary but exciting, and not so far off track that you feel overwhelmed. You will feel invigorated in many ways.

When you are striving towards something bigger than yourself, attention tends to shifts towards intelligence. You are far too driven at this point not to learn every single day.

The same way a non-reader can become a voracious reader in months. Someone who doesn’t focus their energy on intelligence can do so within a few months. It just takes purpose and direction. The real trick is you just have to start doing the work. There’s no way around it because doing the work is the momentum builder.

3 thoughts on “Focus On Intelligence”

    1. Of course! That’s great to hear. Becoming self-aware of where you truly stand by being honest with yourself and execution are sure ways to squander self-doubt. Keep up the good work and keep going!

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