Delayed Satisfaction

“Clear your mind and get a hold of yourself and, as when awakened from sleep and realizing it was only a bad dream upsetting you, wake up and see that what’s there is just like those dreams.”

-Marcus Aurelius

It is interesting when you hear of people who’ve grown up in an abusive environment with no resources and they create great opportunities for themselves down the road and are truly happy. And then you hear of the person who grew up with everything and they wind up in a bad place physically and emotionally.

You either create great opportunities for yourself or you manufacture self-manipulative situations and wind up in a bad place because of it. These options are not exclusive but they are far too common.

A common thread I am stringing throughout these blog posts is you must to be grateful every single day. You shouldn’t go a day without writing down three things you’re grateful for, or at a minimum thinking of them.

You don’t have to love your circumstances, in fact, you should typically not be satisfied and always be pursuing change and growth. But the chances of you being a human being are absurdly low. When I’m walking in public I look around and just think about how lucky we are to be experiencing this phenomenon that is life. Every single day waking up with that mentality changes the way I approach everything. You start realizing how little time you actually have and you start optimizing your time so you can spend it doing what you love.

You can certainly be content doing something you don’t love because of financial stress and other real world factors. But if you’re not satisfied then don’t complain and turn to short-term activities that make you happy in that moment. If you’re ever going to be fully happy with the way you lived your life, you must fix the well, not the sink. Meaning: being self-aware enough to truly know what you want out of life, and then being determined and hungry enough to go and get it. That means if you must give up certain aspects of your life and make drastic changes in order to achieve what you really want, you do it.

You must practice the powerful concept of delayed satisfaction on a macro and micro level. A micro level example, you ate half a bag of chips but that’s your only snack and later those chips would come in clutch so you save them. A macro level example, you need to make extra money on the side so you give up playing video games and watching movies in your spare time and dedicate that energy to grinding for cash. This is not an easy practice to engage in regularly, which is why you must practice when the opportunities arise. Don’t say it is fine just this one time because then it will be fine the next time…and the next.

Stop making excuses and start executing every day so you can live the life that will make you happiest.

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