Don’t Lunge At Opportunity

“Remember to conduct yourself in life as if at a banquet. As something being passed around comes to you, reach out your hand and take a moderate helping. Does it pass you by? Don’t stop it. It hasn’t come yet? Don’t burn in desire for it, but wait until it arrives in front of you. Act this way with children, a spouse, toward position, with wealth-one day it will make you worthy of a banquet with the gods.”

-Epictetus, Enchiridion, 15

Be patient and keep putting in the work. Your actions put you in the position to have great opportunities. But opportunities are like a tennis ball coming your way or a pitcher throwing you a changeup. You must sit back and wait for the ball to come into your sweet spot then you attack it. If a bad pitch is thrown don’t give it the time of day. Don’t lunge for the ball, don’t be early due to impatience. Wait until the opportunity is right, then put everything you have into it. Just make sure and hit the pitch you truly want.

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