Know When To Let Go

“Remember that it’s not only the desire for wealth and position that debases and subjugates us, but also the desire for peace, leisure, travel, and learning. It doesn’t matter what the external thing is, the value we place on it subjugates us to another…where our heart is set, there our impediment lies.”

-Epictetus, Discourses, 4.4.1-2; 15

If you’re an investor who trades securities, you must override your emotion and back each investment with hard data and all information available. Succeeding in the stock market requires you are able to look past your own wants, desires, and hopes as they make you susceptible to fault. People feel far to monetarily and emotionally attached to certain stocks and they hold on. That’s is often how you dig yourself a hole, and once you start the digging you typically don’t stop because now your ego is telling you to hold on and prove you were right. Even the best in the game hold on far too long sometimes.

Admit to yourself that what you desire most will subject you to vulnerability. Remember that if something is truly worth doing or attaining, the vulnerabilities will be well worth it. But being afraid to change and do what you most desire is a huge vulnerability you can never overcome unless you do it. You may feel like you’re far too invested in your current direction and hold onto it when you clearly so badly want to do something else. We are human, we change our wants and needs as time goes on and our circumstances change. Don’t take your unfulfilled desires with you to the grave in form of regret. Now ask yourself, what’s real risk of doing what you most desire?

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