Don’t Be A Loser

“Keep in mind that it isn’t the one who has it in for you and takes a swipe that harms you, but rather the harm comes from your own belief about the abuse. So when someone arouses your anger, know that it’s really your own opinion fueling it. Instead, make it your first response not to be carried away by such impressions, for with time and distance self-mastery is more easily achieved.”
-Epictetus, Enchiridion, 20

If there is someone out there has purposefully inflicted harm on you in past, don’t pay them too much mind. Don’t let them get to you after they are gone. That’s what they want, they want that attention. It’s a weak and desperate act. When you cave in and give them the time of day, you’re the loser.

Feel bad for that person. Seriously, that’s the most time you should spend thinking about them. Wish the best for them and hope they straightened out their thinking.

The same person that goes out of their way to inflict harm on people for no really good reason, is the same person that wants to build the tallest building in town by knocking everyone else’s down. When you’re a real winner, you simply build the tallest building in town.

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