Know Where You Stand

“Keep a list before your mind of those who have burned you with anger and resentment about something, of even the most renowned for success, misfortune, evil deeds, or any special direction. Then ask yourself, how did that work out? Smoke and dust, the stuff of simple myth trying to be legend.”

-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 12.27

Life is an interesting journey. Anyone reading this is blessed enough (despite the incredibly low probability of being born) to have been born and to have an opportunity at life as we know it.

One must have a knowledgeable grasp on where the human species resides in order have the empathy it takes to be fully aware of their own life. When you obtain this knowledge, you start to see your immediate life from a different clearer perspective. It’s almost as if you respect everything more when your factor in the sheer vastness of the universe and unlikely of the human species even happening. To know the universe is to know your own composition. The better you know yourself the easier it is to become self-aware on a more frequent basis allowing you to make realistic decisions based on your strengths and what you actually like to do. Once you know yourself you must know your purpose. A clear purpose will guide you through life. Even when you feel like you’re behind so many others and question the point of growing and progressing, or just worn out from being busy all day every day, remember never to give up on your purpose. The moment you give up on your purpose you give up on yourself.

If you don’t know where you are or why you’re here, how do you expect to plan out an effective and productive day? The equation of your life is much harder to solve the more undefined your variables are. Adding purpose to your life and a plan to get there is a sure way to set those variables. You must begin with the end in mind.

Once you gain great respect for where we as a species stand in the universe, it is difficult to let other people who have angered you in the past still get under your skin.

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